Sunday, May 24, 2009

May 22-24

Hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend!! Here is ours so far...
May 22 Lance brought home some hangman sheets from school and has been playing with Allie the last couple of days. They like to climb on the window seat in the kitchen. She guesses some letters and then starts saying that he is drawing a boy or a girl. He gets frustrated and yells at her to guess some more letters. She gets frustrated and leaves. A few hours later... it all starts over again.

May 23 We took the kids to a sprinkler park today. It was just a touch cool, but once they got into it, they had a blast. Jeff and I sat back and watched.

Then, we went to the grocery store and got stuff to make burgers and some watermelon. Unfortunately, the grill ran out of gas before we could really get the burgers started, so they had be George Forman-ed. Luckily, the watermelon was good!!

May 24 The past few days, Allie has decided to sleep in her own bed. She had done really well before we moved and then had started again before my appendix surgery. After that, she was in bed with us. I would ask her if she wanted to sleep in her room and she would say yes, until it was bedtime. Well, last week, she was ready. The first night was rough and I was climbing the stairs every two hours or so, but she would always get back in bed. The next night, she slept until 6:45 and has done so every night since. She is an amazing girl. When she decides she is ready, that is it. It is done!! I am so proud of her. Anyway, she was still asleep this morning when it was time to get ready for church, so I ran back down and grabbed my camera. I have been shooting some in raw and it didn't quite know what to do with my switching the settings and changing the flash and everything quickly and it took this kind of crazy, sleepy looking pic.

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  1. so many beautiful shot! Great you had such a wonderful time!

    Love the b/w-pic with the coloured watermelon, most!