Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 16

Allie had a birthday party at Made of Sugar and Spice today. She loved getting made up! Pretty fancy hair, make up, nails painted and of course a princess gown and crown. What could be better??!!

May 12

We went to the Purple Cow for lunch today before taking a trip to Hobby Lobby with five adult women and five kiddos under the age of five. You can only imagine how that went... Anyway the pic is of the Allie and Carson eyeing the splash pad. Mean mommies wouldn't let them get wet!!

May 9

A really bad pic, but we spent the weekend in Oklahoma City celebrating birthdays and Mother's Day. We stayed at Keri's house this time and the kids had lots of fun spending time with their cousins.

May 7

Field Day at Lance's school!!

May 6

Muffins with Mom today at school. They sang us a little song.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

May 5

As part of teacher appreciation week, I made a notecard set and put it together in a little folder. Turned out pretty cute!

This is it opened up. Notecards are on the left and yellow envelopes with the matching "D" on the right.

This is the folder all folded up.

May 4

I went with Lance's class to the Collin County Adventure Camp today for some team building and nature walks. We had lots of fun. He has a great group of kids in his class and the best teacher EVER!!! We will miss them next year at our new school.

May 3

We noticed that they have planted a bunch of wildflowers in the field behind the house. I took Allie out with my new bench and got some pics.

May 1

We took team pics at the soccer game. This is Lance's and the team with Coach Jeff and Coach Nelson. Not a great season win-wise, but they had fun!

Lance had his friend party that evening.
The party was at Main Event and the kids had a blast bowling...

and even got to play a round of laser tag thanks to Mr. Neil!

The Birthday

Lance had his 8th birthday and we celebrated as a family the day before and the day of. We had ordered cupcakes for the soccer game, but it was rained out, so we had a whole cupcake cake for just us. He got lots of great gifts and even a couple of cards from his grandparents with some cash for him to get even more!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The rest of April...

April 10 Allie had a princess birthday party with a bunch of friends. She loved getting to play with them!

April 11 FINALLY finished the puzzle!!!

April 12 Blowing bubbles.

April 13 Lance at the doc. Had a sore throat. Turned out to be strep! Luckily he never really felt that bad. Had to miss three days of school though...

April 15 Class picture day at school. Allie finally got to wear her favorite outfit that she got from Miss Kaysee for the first time!!

April 16 Walk-A-Thon at school.

April 17 Ummmm, what can I say. I have interesting friends!!

April 19 Allie and I showing off my star on the PTA wall of fame.

April 21 The bag I made for Teacher Appreciation week for Lance's teacher. I had all of the kids color on one square and then made it into a tote bag. She loved it!

April 22 My letter of appreciation from Lance's teacher for Volunteer Appreciation week!

April 23 Lance and Allie at the Purple Cow. They have a sprinkler pad right outside the gate and they have a "show" every evening. Pretty cool stuff!

April 24 Lance and Allie at Watters Creek. We went to get Juju Geri's Mother's Day present and stopped for lunch and a couple of pics.
April 25 Lance's Birthday!! We spent the day putting in new stone around the front beds and got some new furniture for the front porch. Looks so nice!!