Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 6-10

Well, I missed a few more days, but that is OK I guess.

March 6 First game for the new Super Sonics team. It was rough one. 13-1 Not in our favor. But, this was the first game they had played together, so we are hopeful things will get better over the next eight weeks.

March 8 Allie spent the day at Carson's house and Kristi sent me this pic of them with her new puppy Dolche. Don't they look like new parents? Cracks me up!! Definitely a keeper, just in case they get married and have an actual child of their own.

March 9 Allie finally got to go to a little bit of Lance's soccer practice. She loves to play on the playground. I was sitting on a bench a bit away from her and heard "MOM!!!". I came running and found her like this. She was a little too high to be brave enough to let go, so she was holding on for dear life. I got her down and made her do it again so I could get the pic. Must get her back in gymnastics...
March 9 (again) We had open house at Lance's school today. This is his painting of the house you see pictured below. It is one of the historic houses in downtown McKinney. I was pretty impressed!

March 10 It was early release from school, so the gang headed out to McDonald's to let the kids play (and have ice cream). What a crew! Sadly, we were missing the VanDykes who decided to leave us for a couple of weeks to visit family out of town. We miss them dearly and are ready for the to have a safe trip back to us!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


So, it has been a while. Between life, the kiddos, school, work and everything else, my computer crashed and it has taken me a month to get back into the swing of things. So, in an effort to get back into the swing of things and get things up to date (and get a couple of people off my back:) )here are the pics from the last month. They aren't all great pics. Lots were taken with the camera phone and they haven't been "fussed" with too much, but at least I am caught up and can hopefully stay that way!!

February 2 I went to a trade show in downtown Dallas. I love the big signs on the buildings. Had to take a pic of this one!

February 3 I took Allie shopping for a new birthday shirt. She needed to pose in the new headband we got. Such a girl!

February 4 Happy Birthday my sweet little Four Year Old!!

February 7 I made football cookies for the Superbowl party we had at the house. I think they turned out pretty cute!

February 8 The before and after pics of Allie's haircut.

February 9 Oh the fun of bubble baths!

February 11 We got SO much snow!! We were 2" from the all time record in the Dallas area. The kids loved it!
February 13 Allie's birthday party and her Barbie cake that JuJu Geri made. Delish!!
February 14 Showing off her dress up stuff she got from the Amayas.
February 17 Jeff's parents got Allie a new helmet for Christmas that was for 3-5 year olds. It didn't fit. We finally took it back and got this one. It is for 8 year olds. Did I mention she just turned 4??? Hopefully it is because she is so smart!!
February 19 Allie watercolor painting at Art Night at school.
February 20 Carrie, Kaysee and Kristi at Bunco.
February 22 Lance and Mrs. Towber after he received the Principal's Award at school. SO super proud of him!!
February 23 Lance having a picnic lunch in his classroom after going on a field trip to see a play.
February 24 Finally got around to taking Allie's four year old birthday pics!
February 28 Jeff and Allie at lunch.
March 1 Lance and Allie at the eye doc.
March 2 And the outcome of Lance and Allie going to the eye doc!