Friday, May 22, 2009

May 11 through 21st

OK, so I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with posting, but I have taken lots of pics!!

May 11 Playing airplane with Allie. She is a pretty happy girl.

May 12 Allie had muffins with mom at school today. They made these little pots for all of the mothers. They were so cute!

May 13 This is a pic of my Mother's Day present. Allie picked out the heart bead. Lance took me back a few days later and picked out another bead to add to it. LOVE IT!!

May 14 Lance brought home the class pet. "Duke" played Uno Attack with him. Don't really know why he was on his head, but Lance enjoyed it.

May 15 BINGO night at school again. So much fun, until it was almost over and Allie threw a fit because she hadn't won yet. I did and Lance chose a gift certificate to Charlie's Frozen Custard. It was pretty tasty!

May 16 Allie showing off her new "Chucks" and dress. The shoes have pink sparkly butterflies all over them. She fell in love when we saw them at Target and she wouldn't let me leave the store without them!

May 17 Here is an up close of the pot Allie made. Everything was done with finger prints. So cute!!

May 18 Allie showing off her "tattoo" that Jeff drew on her. She thought she was pretty cool!

May 19 I made little journal books for all of Allie's teachers. There is a picture of the teacher and Allie inside. I thought they turned out pretty well. And other than having to print the pictures a few times because Allie kept taking them, they were pretty easy to put together.

May 20 Allie practicing her bridge after gymnastics.

May 21 Today was Allie's last day of school. They had a pizza party and a Bubble Lady was to perform in the afternoon. Well, I got to her class, had a piece of pizza and she started complaining that her stomach was hurting. A few minutes later, she was throwing up in the bathroom. So, we had to leave. She fell asleep on the way home and slept for two hours - which is completely unlike her. Luckily, she woke up feeling better and after a Pepto, was up and acting normal. I took this pic as she was sleeping on the couch. She looks so peaceful.

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  1. so many beautiful pictures!!! Love the two of day 20 and 21 most!! They turned out really great!

    Hope Allie is feeling better now!

    Have a nice weekend!