Friday, April 9, 2010

April 8 & 9

April 9 It was the first day in a long time that the weather is nice, but not so windy that we worry Allie is going to blow away, so we stayed at the park and took a few pics today.

April 8 Allie and I waiting on Lance to get out of school. The sun must have been shining in my eyes, because they look blue! STRANGE!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 6

I realized today that I needed to change out my entry table decorations since Easter is over. This is a new candelabra, so I thought I would take a picture of it so next year I will remember how I had it set up!

Monday, April 5, 2010

March 11-April 4

Wow, apparently I am really bad at this blog thing... Here is the update!!
March 11 Allie found some summer dress up stuff and decided to have a fashion show. Such a girl!!
March 12 Valarie and Rachel at Bunco. Love this Girls Night Out! I am so thankful to have such great friends!!
March 14 Allie and I taking pics while the boys played soccer in the back yard. So glad the weather is getting warmer!
March 15 First day of Spring Break. The girls (and their kiddos) came over to spend the day. We went for a walk around our trails and they found a bunch of what we assumed are cow bones. They spent the rest of the day talking about their dinosaur expedition.
March 18 Jeff took the day off and we went to the Dallas Science Museum and the Museum of Natural History. We had a great day and the kids had a lot of fun.
March 19 Jeff got Allie on the trail-a-bike for the first time today. He has been wanting to try for a while, but the weather hasn't cooperated until now. She had a blast! Now if only they could get me on a bike, we could go together...
March 20 Allie went to a good friend's birthday party and got the best face painting ever. She LOVED it! Unfortunately, we had a really hard time getting her to allow me to take it off at night. She was SOOOOO sad.
March 20 Jeff, Allie and I ran a couple of quick errands and left Lance at home. This is what we came home to. Him sacked out on the couch!
March 21 Last day of Spring Break and it dumps on us! Did I mention we are in TEXAS??? And, did you notice that two days before, they were in shorts??? Crazy stuff, but the kids were in heaven!
March 23 I decided to get a puzzle. 1000 piece, hard, but not too hard. That was until I got it home and turned the box over. The front of the puzzle was just a small portion of the full puzzle. A bagillion different beads and baubles. It is now April 5th and we are still working on it! UGGGGG... :)
March 24 Rainbow cupcakes with a fluffy cloud on top. Kids loved them. Jeff was grossed out. Way too much work for me to ever do again.
March 26 After an early morning meeting at Lance's school, I took the kids to Starbucks for breakfast. They thought they were pretty special and I got a treat for getting up so early!
March 28 Baby Adrian's first birthday party!!
March 29 Allie eating her cupcake at Spoons. YUMMY!
March 30 Allie once again showing off her style. You can't tell it from the picture, but she has on pink elephant slippers and the yellow thing in her hand is a hat. Wow!
March 31 This is the Easter dress I made Allie. My first time making a skirt and applique on a shirt. I was pretty impressed with myself!
April 1 All dressed up for her Easter party at school.
April 2 Carson spent the afternoon with us. They made these chicks for Easter. Such great kiddos!!
April 3 Allie, Lance and Tatum waiting for the start of the Egg hunt at the Eggstravaganza in McKinney.
April 3 Dying Easter eggs. This was the first time we have done this in a long time. Possibly the first time Allie has ever done it. They had a blast!
April 4 Happy Easter!!