Thursday, July 12, 2012

End of June

Well, so much for daily posts... But really, I'm not surprised.  Summer is just busy.  Kids are ALWAYS wanting to do something.  Which, I guess is better than being home listening to them complain about not being out, but it makes this mommy tired!  I am very thankful that I am able to work from home though, so I won't gripe... too much. 

So, here are some pics from the last part of June!!

Father's Day at the Ranger's Game

Jeff scored some fabulous tickets to the Rangers Game on Father's Day.  We always love going to the game, but being nine rows up from home plate makes it even better. 

Walking in all decked out!

We made it!

Craig Gentry!

Allie decided she needed a treat.  It was HOT!

Daddy and Miss Allie

Daddy and Lance

 June 18

Lunch at Fuzzy's

 June 20

We took a walk (scooter ride) around the neighborhood.  Love when we have cool nights during the hot Texas summers.

 June 21

Driving to Oklahoma City we saw this wierd cloud.  Thought it looked like a tunnel.

 June 22

We went with some of Jeff's co-workers to the company lodge at Lake Tinkiller in Oklahoma.  We spent a lot of the time on the lake.  You can see from my toes, we had a good time.

June 28

So, the kids were in VBS this week.  This was crazy hair day.  We did about eight different pony tails in Allie's hair.  The funniest thing was when we took the curled up knot out that afternoon.  THAT will be used for the next crazy hair day!  Lance's hair isn't long enough to go too crazy, so he got to stick it straight up.  Looks pretty cute, if you ask me

After VBS, we had family movie afternoon.  Love times like this!

 June 30

My little diva...

We went to a new restaurant in Richardson called Casa Cha Cha.  Lance, not being a fan of Mexian food, had a shrimp salad.  He was in heaven!