Tuesday, June 16, 2009

May 26 My parents bought an orchid for us when they stayed over here. It still has flowers and is so pretty!

May 27 Allie and I went to OKC so I could get my hair cut. Allie went in to use the bathroom and was gone for quite a while. I found her sitting on the floor covered in lotion.
May 29 The new haircut. She cut off a couple of inches off the back and it feels (and looks) so much better!!

May 30 We had Jeff's birthday today since I will be a church most of the day on his actual birthday. The kids loved it. And we all loved the cake!
May 31 We have a birds nest in the fence. They are pretty cute, but are making quite the mess of the fence!
June 3 We had kinder graduation today at Lance's school. I helped cut the cake and serve. It was lots of fun seeing all of the happy parents and kiddos. Allie had fun seeing Miss. Audra and eating cake!
June 4 Last Day of School!!
June 10 Allie hanging out at the grandparent's house. Such a happy girl.

June 5 We had Jeff's birthday with his family today. I couldn't resist taking pics of our niece, Morgan. She is super cute and quite the model!
June 12 Jeff and I were lucky enough to be invited to his company's lodge at Lake Tinkiller. We had a nice three hour drive, just the two of us. We actually go to have an uninterrupted conversation. We had a great time lounging about with his co-workers, eating great food and floating around in the lake. I am ready to go back!!
June 15 I took the kids for their summer haircuts. We decided to cut Allie's quite a bit to even it all out. She looks SOOOOOO cute! I think she is destined to be the short hair girl. That is OK though since she has started hating me brushing and drying it!
June 16 I think if I would let them, the kids would play in the water all day long. Unfortunately, the grass doesn't like it very much, so we have to limit it somewhat. But, they do have a great time!

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  1. wow so many beautiful shots!! Great as always!

    Your new haircut turned out really great and fits you so much!!