Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 8

Yesterday, I inquired about a preschool program for Allie. We have been talking about it for a while, but after last year's attempt (which wasn't pretty), it hasn't been a top priority. But, our new church has a program and she did so well in Sunday school, I thought it would be worth a shot. I got an e-mail this morning from the director and they have an opening in her class, so we met with her around noon today. Well, Allie left the school crying, but this time because she had to leave, not because she had to stay. She will have three teachers and they all seem to be fantastic, super sweet and one of them is an OSU fan! Allie walked into the classroom and introduced herself to one of the teachers and a few of the girls in the class came over and told her hi. She was shaking she was so excited. They lined up to get ready for lunch and she went fell in line with them, did the prayer and was looking for her lunch spot when we had to leave. She was so sad. I told her we would go look for a new nap mat and she perked up some for that. She loves to shop!

After that, we went to get logs for the gas fireplace. We don't really need them in Texas, but our living room has such high ceilings, that it doesn't hold heat well. We have a nice fireplace, so it made sense. We came home for a bit and I looked online for a local place that sells nap mats and found a place downtown. So, back in the car we went to this cute little shop Posy Lane. Turns out, the lady who works there went to school in Shawnee. It is so funny to meet so many people here who are from Oklahoma.

Speaking of Oklahoma...I am watching a kind of big ball game right now. Those of you who know me, know I am an OSU (Oklahoma State) fan, so you might not think I would care that much, but as I tell a lot of people, as long as OU and OSU aren't playing each other, I root for OU. So, in honor of their attempt at the Championship, I thought I would take a picture of the kids watching the start of the game - can you see the trophy behind them? Of course the lighting was terrible. I needed a flash, but it bounced off the TV. When I took it without a flash, the color was bad. So, Lightroom to the rescue! OK, I am going to grab a treat and hopefully watch OU become number one! Go Sooners.

Although in the words of my brilliant daughter, Go Pokes is better. : )


  1. awww! What a sweet shot!! It sounds like she had a good day and how awesome that she is excited about being there! I feel bad that she had to leave though, lol!

  2. Fantastic shot! Sounds like a good choice for a school for your DD ;)

  3. It is so hard to find a good preschool! Glad you have found one! The shot is fabulous. Your little ones are darling.

  4. Gorgeous shot.

    So glad she was keen to stay at school....a good sign!

  5. I love the photo stacks you are using on your blog!! Great sepia tone on the pic too :)