Thursday, June 23, 2011

June 22 and 23


June 22 - I finally got some pics of Lance at swimming lessons.  He is getting better.  He has known how to swim for a while now, but it isn't pretty.  He is starting to figure out how to get those long arms of his into the water without emptying the pool. 


June 23 - Last day of Cheer Camp!  Allie has had so much fun.  She hasn't picked up too much on the arm motions, but did surprisingly well on the dance.  Maybe she is meant to be a dancer...
She is starting to get the hang of swimming without holding on to her nose.  I bribed her with a bath in my tub and she went under for me.  I think the security of being in the tub helped her brave up and do it in the pool.  Her teachers were quite impressed with her progress!!
Lance started working on the back stroke.  Wow... A whole other stroke to get him to figure out how NOT to flop like a fish!!

Today they got to go to the deep end and jump off.  The teacher asked who wanted to go first and the three girls in his class pointed at him.  It was so funny.  He jumped straight in and swam over to the teacher.  The girls sat on the edge and dropped in.  I was a little surprised, but very proud of him since he hadn't been swimming in water that deep before. 

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