Monday, June 20, 2011

Cheer Camp and Swim Lessons


Today begins our busiest week of the summer.  Allie has cheer camp in the morning and then both kids have swim lessons at noon.  It was a great day and they both had a blast.  Allie loved cheer camp and Lance and I had fun having some one on one time together at Starbucks.  I'm not sure what the first picture says about her knowledge of cheering, but it will certainly be interesting to see how things progress over the next few days.  As for swimming, I told her swimming coach today to force her to swim without holding her nose.  She does really well, but has to hold her nose, which limits how far she can go.  I watched  her and her instructor discussing it and Allie shaking her head no.  What will I do with this child??  LOL!!  As for Lance... well, he got jipped on swimming pics today.  He was too far away.  I will bring the larger lens tomorrow.  :)

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