Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cheer Camp and Swim Lesson Day 2

Allie is still loving cheer camp.  I went about 15 minutes early today and watched them.  The high school girls are great with them and they play lots of fun games in between little cheers.  She is having a great time.  Lance got to go to the movies with his friend Cris today and I got a couple of hours alone!  That doesn't happen much (OK, at all) in the summer, so I really enjoyed it.  Even if all I did was watch bad TV and clean the kitchen.  :)  After talking with Allie's swim instructor yesterday, she worked with Allie a bit on her own today.  She actually dunked her a couple of times.  This pic was taken just before the first dunk.  You can see the excitement, along with complete fear in her face.  We came home and I bribed her with bath time in my tub if she would work on going under water.  It worked!!  She went under quite a few times and is bragging about herself now.  She can't wait to go to class tomorrow and show off her new skill!

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