Friday, March 27, 2009

March 23-26

March 23 Spring Break is finally over. It was great to have Lance home, but boy was I ready for him to go back to school! The two of them together can be a hand full. Allie and I spent the day at home, not doing much of anything. I had purchased some flowers for the party and this daisy was so pretty. Thought it needed a picture taken of it.

March 24 We have been bad about waiting until the last minute to do homework lately, so I made Lance get on the ball and start it today. I think he is starting to come around to believing me that if we do a little bit each night, it will be a whole lot easier than waiting until Thursday night to have to do it all. I think the "4" (perfect) on his last spelling test helped me out. He was very proud and realized that we worked on it early in the week. Hopefully we can keep it up and he will have more 4s in his future!

March 25 Lance got out the Lincoln Logs he got for his birthday for the first time today. I think he thought they were pretty cool. It took him a minute to figure out how to make them "work", but I have a feeling there will be many forts built over time.

March 26 I really don't take that many fish pics, but this is one of our newest ones that spent the whole weekend hiding so our visitors didn't really get to see her (him??). She is a Parrot fish and I think she is so pretty! She finally came out of hiding once everyone left (figures, just like a kid huh?).

March 26 Not sure these will be the "official" pics of the day, but I had to show them off. Allie got this tutu from our old neighbors who came to the party. We had a mini photo session this afternoon (right before it down poured). We are going to Family BINGO Night this evening at Lance's school, so I hope to get some pics tonight too. If I do, I will add them later.


  1. Great pictures! The flower is so lovely, as is the little fishy! The pic of Lance studying is so sweet, great capture of an every-day moment. Allie in that tutu is just adorable! And with that flower in her hair. :)

  2. Wow Kirsten, your photos are so fantastic and colorful! I love how you're displaying them on your blog in those cool frames too!

  3. All your shots are great - and how listgirl says the colors are fantastic!!

  4. These are beautiful! I absolutely love the tutu pictures but these are all great.