Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 4-11

March 4 Lance started soccer last week. He is doing so much better this season than last. He is starting to get back into his old form. Running with the ball and in the mix rather than behind it. I am so glad he finally decided to play again!
March 5 I noticed that my plant had a flower on it today and grabbed the camera. Then I noticed the strange beads of liquid on it. I still don't know exactly what it is. Kind of like a sap of some kind. Made for a pretty pic though! Hopefully it won't turn into bugs. That would be my luck. LOL
March 6 We went to the park today with the McKinney Mom's Meetup Group. Allie had a blast and found this little lady bug. We have been seeing them all over lately. They are so cute and she loves to watch them.

March 7 The first soccer game of the season! We won!! Not that you keep score in U7, but... Lance had a couple of chances to score, but wasn't quite so lucky. The best one was when a little boy on the other team picked up the ball with his hands in order to prevent a goal. The refs (high-school students) didn't know what to do, so they put the ball at the edge of the goal box and Lance kicked it. The other team blocked it, he kicked it again, but it went out. So close!! I think he was very confused about what on earth was going on and why he was getting a free kick!

March 8 We tried a new Mexican restaurant today. The kids are not huge fans of Mexican and usually grumble about it the whole time. But, we walked in the door and saw the ice cream machine and they were sold. They even told us we could go back! Quite the compliment coming from these two!

March 9 Allie woke up on Friday complaining of leg pain. Being a mom, I worried about it, but figured she slept wrong or something. I watched her all weekend and when she woke up in tears Monday morning, I called the doc. We ended up going to get x-rays and to a lab for blood work (the nurse in the office tried twice to get blood, but couldn't get it, so she sent us to the lab). We stopped by the house to pick up Pinky the Dog to go with us. She was so brave. I asked the x-ray tech if I could take a picture of her laying on the bed. She said it was OK and said it wasn't uncommon for parents to ask! So, when we got to the "place that takes my bleeds" (aka lab), she had to have her pic taken. LOL Both the x-ray techs and the lab techs commented on how good she was. She of course cried with the blood draw, but luckily the lab got it on the first try. We found out the next day that all of her tests came back perfect and that she more than likely has a virus that has attacked the joint. It should go away in the next few days with no lasting side effects. Whew! It was a rough 24 hours for mom and dad, but we are so glad she is OK!!
March 10 Today was open house at school. Lance was so excited about it! He came home talking about it and basically counted down the minutes until it was time to go. He showed off his work in his room and around the school and we went to the book fair and got a couple of books. I took a pic of him next to the research project his group did on Jesse Owens for Black History Month. His part is the top right corner - In high school Jesse won many races. He is pretty proud of himself and so are we. Growing up too fast!!!
March 11 Lance came home from school today and wanted to read his new books so he went to his room and locked the door to keep Allie out. This is what followed. About 30 minutes of screaming. I have no idea how he read anything. I think he might have just done it to get away from her. He finally came down and they spent the rest of the evening playing. She was much happier!


  1. WOW - great pictures for the week! Love the soccer ones and your DD in tears just breaks my heart. Poor thing. Glad she is ok tho!

  2. Lovely shots fot the week!! Great memories to treasure!!

  3. Great pictures!! Glad your little one was ok, even though it gives parents some anxious times.

  4. I'm glad the leg pain wasn't anything serious! Your kids sound about the same age as mine (3 1/2 & 6 1/2) My oldest is always wanting to shut the youngest out which always results in crying. LOL

  5. So many sweet pictures of your kids! Happy to hear that everything went well at the doctors office too, you must have been so nervous!

  6. What a week you had, but I'm glad everyone is okay. Great pictures of your children in happy and sad moments.

  7. Great photo's. It seems you have your hands fill with your kids.

  8. What a week! I'm glad you survive it.

  9. Oh your shots are so great - I missed them a couple of days.

    I´m glad to hear that there is nothing serious and your daughter will be well again.

    Love your soccer shots. Could you told me, how you make the one of March 7? It´s a great shot, with the focus of your DS and the blurry teammates.