Thursday, February 5, 2009

January 31 - February 4

The Birthday Girl!! Happy Birthday by sweet little three year old!

We celebrated Allie's third birthday a day early since we have plans for tomorrow. She doesn't seem to mind though. LOL She had a great time.

I came across a robe our friend Kate gave Allie a while ago. It is still a little big, but she loved it!

It was such a nice day, the "kids" took a ride around the trails behind the house. Allie hasn't had much ride time in trailer and was super excited.

This is a picture of my newest iron wall decoration. I seem to have a fascination for them lately. We put it in the kitchen over the pantry door and this is my view of it. Jeff told me I should get on a stool to be more eye level, but I kind of like it like this!!


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  3. Happy birthday to your girl! Lovely pictures.

  4. Aww Happy late birthday to your princess. I love all your photos!