Tuesday, February 17, 2009

February 10-16

February 10 Oh my! So much rain! School was actually called early today. Major storms hit Oklahoma and a tornado touched down about a mile from our old house. Glad to be in McKinney today!
February 11 I realized at 11:00 that I hadn't taken any pictures, so Cleo was a willing subject.
February 12 Lance being silly
February 13 The kids at the doctor's office. Lance has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics with his little sister. They were pretty cute laying on the bed waiting for the doc.
February 13 #2 I got a special delivery today! Love them! They are so pretty.

February 13 #3 Allie playing at PPP for the mom's group Valentine's party. Poor Lance had to stay home, but he and Jeff had a good time.
February 13 #4 The bags from the party. Lots and lots of kiddos!!
February 14 The kids oohing over their heart shaped pizza! Yummo! We had pizza and watched Madagascar 2 for Valentine's Day.
February 15 The American flag looking very pretty against the blue sky. This just kind of caught my eye and I am happy I stopped to get the pic.
February 16 Lance having spaghetti at Jason's Deli. Such a strange boy...


  1. Oh my, so many beautiful photos :)

  2. Great layouts. We have had very little rain lately and that is wierd for Oregon.

  3. Great pictures, and lovely LO's displaying them! The roses really looks classy, such a sweet gift.

  4. I´ve missed your pictures....welcome back!

    Great shots, with beautiful colours and much fun - it seems!