Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 19-24

Well, I guess I can be proud that I made it a month and a half before missing a day, but I am pretty disappointed that I missed one! Hopefully I will do better.

February 19 I picked up Jeff for lunch and we got our passport pics made. The sweet girl at the store gave us both little pouches with travel size bottles and a passport wallet. They will definitely be used!

February 20 was spent at car dealerships. Apparently I didn't take any pics on this day. Bad, bad Kirsten!!

February 21 The first pic taken in the new car. The kids love it and Lance loves the fact that there is a third row for him alone. Silly boy!

February 22 Allie's princess dolls (and Star Wars Lego) laying out on the living room floor. She plays with these constantly. And yes, the Star Wars figure too.

February 23 Finally, a picture of the new car. A Mazda 5. NOT the car we went after, but the car we fell in love with. What can I say... Time to embrace the inner soccer mom.

February 24 Poor Lance is sick again. I swear, there is something about Texas that is making this family ill. He is never sick and this is twice in two weeks. Luckily (?) it is just fever. He doesn't seem to feel that bad, but has to stay home until it is gone. He had a good day playing video games, coloring and watching TV. Total and complete veg day for him!


  1. I love to see new pictures from you!! Great shots!

  2. Great pictures! Sorry you missed a day, but you know it is not a big deal. Just keep going!

  3. What fun pictures! Princess and Star Wars play together in my house too...LOL so sorry Lance is sick - hope he is better soon!

  4. Great photos, I can understand you feel bumbed about missing a day, I would to, love your new car!