Monday, June 4, 2012


School is out and while I am never good at blogging during the summer, I thought maybe I would try Instagram pics of the day.  Should be easier for me to keep up with!  So, here goes...
Oh what a year it has been!  Can't believe I now have a 5th Grader and a 1st Grader! 

Lance's sweet teacher gave me a little goodie for being room mom this year.  It was a package of goodies to make smores!  The kids wer thrilled!  Lance of course had his without chocolate, but that just left more for me.  :)

I told the kids that we were going to spend the summer working on their handwriting.  They are both horrible!  They both start at the bottom (a genetic thing thanks to their father...) and it is almost un-readable.  So, I printed off a could of handwriting sheets and math sheets.  I hope to keep this up all summer and see how it goes.  Of course about five minutes into it, a group of about six boys rang the doorbell and Lance was off.  Might have to start a bit earlier tomorrow!

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