Thursday, June 7, 2012

June 6

We went to the library today for the children's program.  The last time we went to this library's progam, we had to park down the street and weren't able to get in.  So, we got there early.  Too early...  It was to start at 10:30, so I thought we would get there around 9:45 and look at books before the program.  Unfortunately, the kids were ready to go about 9:15, so we got there at 9:30.  Biggest problem??  They don't open until 10!  So, we drove around taking pictures of signs to put together an art project we are working on and got drinks at McDonald's.  When we finally got back to the libarary, they had a blast with the balloon/magic guy and checked out a couple of books too.  After the library, we ran by Redbox and rented "We Bought a Zoo". 

Allie's sweet teacher gave me a cute little gift basket for being room mom.  In it was a package of popcorn a couple of popcorn cups.  So, we made the popcorn and used the cups and went up the media room and watched our movie.  Cute, cute movie, but I will never understand the use of "bad" words in movies targeted at kids.  Just not necessary!

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