Monday, January 11, 2010

January 8-11

Well, I got a bit behind (and even missed a day - oops!), so while I am waiting on my OSU basketball game to come on, I thought I would do a little update and show you my first week layout!!
January 8 A couple of my girls and I went to the mall to have lunch and let the kids play. Allie had a great time making a spectacle of herself, climbing to the top of things and yelling "look at me mom". I think the people on the other side of the mall could probably hear her!
January 9 We had a get together at my friend Kristi's house to watch the Dallas Cowboy's football game and although we are not very into professional sports, we couldn't pass up a party!! The kids had a great time playing upstairs while the guys watched the game, the girls talked and then all of the adults played a game of Balderdash. Had to take a picture of the game board. Jeff is in the lead and our friend Neil, who wanted to play the game to prove that he could win, is in the back, pulling up the rear!

January 11 I spent the day today trying to clean house a bit and printing out calendars for my mom and myself.
As promised, here are the layouts! I am using the Weeds and Wildflowers kit and template. LOVE IT!

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