Thursday, March 11, 2010

March 6-10

Well, I missed a few more days, but that is OK I guess.

March 6 First game for the new Super Sonics team. It was rough one. 13-1 Not in our favor. But, this was the first game they had played together, so we are hopeful things will get better over the next eight weeks.

March 8 Allie spent the day at Carson's house and Kristi sent me this pic of them with her new puppy Dolche. Don't they look like new parents? Cracks me up!! Definitely a keeper, just in case they get married and have an actual child of their own.

March 9 Allie finally got to go to a little bit of Lance's soccer practice. She loves to play on the playground. I was sitting on a bench a bit away from her and heard "MOM!!!". I came running and found her like this. She was a little too high to be brave enough to let go, so she was holding on for dear life. I got her down and made her do it again so I could get the pic. Must get her back in gymnastics...
March 9 (again) We had open house at Lance's school today. This is his painting of the house you see pictured below. It is one of the historic houses in downtown McKinney. I was pretty impressed!

March 10 It was early release from school, so the gang headed out to McDonald's to let the kids play (and have ice cream). What a crew! Sadly, we were missing the VanDykes who decided to leave us for a couple of weeks to visit family out of town. We miss them dearly and are ready for the to have a safe trip back to us!!!

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