Tuesday, July 14, 2009

June 19-25

Oh my goodness!! I get three days in a row and then miss for a month. Oh well, what cha gonna do???
Jeff and I got new phones a few days ago. It is kind of cool to whip it out and take pics of the kids. Not great quality, but that is OK. This pic was taken at Durkin's Pizza, one of our favorite pizza shops in McKinney. Lance even eats the crust - which never happens!
June 20 This is a picture of Jeff taking a picture of me. LOL Remember how I said we got new phones. Yep, still having fun with them!
June 21 Father's Day! Love this pic of the kids and Jeff. Can't you just see the love they all have for each other. So sweet!
June 22 Speaking of sweet. Love this. There is nothing better than your child climbing up in your arms and falling asleep. She knows she is in good hands.
June 24 We spend a lot of time at either the pool or the sprinkler park. The kids love the water and have a great time when we go.
June 25 Allie helping me "clean" the bowl after making brownies for VBS. She ended up covered in chocolate.